BFFLive: Opportunities in Web3 Gaming

Caroline Fairchild, Editor-in-Chief at BFF, hosts an informative and inspiring conversation on women’s representation in gaming and Web3 with Benish Shah, VP of Marketing at Stardust, Breana Teubner, Venture partner at Alante Capital, and Muus Collective Board Member, Emily Wang, Managing Director at Griffin Gaming Partners and LionTree. Despite women making up over 50% of all gamers, there’s a startling lack of women founders in the gaming and Web3 space. It’s not only the right thing, but its good business to be intentional about finding, and funding, women founders in order to best serve the women’s gaming market. Opportunities include the growing fashion gaming space, using gamification to contribute social value, and harnessing the engagement of games to partner with brands and reach new audiences.


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